The pricing information below is for self-hosters and host providers only. If you are looking to rent a TeamSpeak Server, please choose from our network of Authorized TeamSpeak Host Providers (ATHP).
Unlicensed / Non-Profit License (NPL)
Ideal for most Clans, Guilds, and Non-Commercial Organizations.
Host the TeamSpeak 3 Server yourself with up to 32 Slots FREE 1
Host the TeamSpeak 3 Server yourself with up to 512 Slots FREE 2
Annual Activation License (AAL)
Ideal for companies or individuals who utilize TeamSpeak but are not in the business of selling (renting) servers to others.
Annual Activation 1
32 Slots, 1 Virtual Server $30
64 Slots, 1 Virtual Server $55
128 Slots, 2 Virtual Servers $100
256 Slots, 2 Virtual Servers $175
512 Slots, 2 Virtual Servers $300
1024 Slots, 2 Virtual Servers $500
Authorized TeamSpeak Host Provider (ATHP) License
Ideal for hosting companies who sell (rent) servers to the public for a monthly fee.
ATHP Application Fee 1 $50
ATHP Tiered Pricing 2 3
200 - 4999 Slots $0.12
5000 - 9999 Slots $0.11
10000 - 24999 Slots $0.10
25000 - 49999 Slots $0.09
50000+ Slots $0.08
Software Development Kit (SDK) License
Ideal for software developers and studios who wish to integrate TeamSpeak voice communication solutions into a product or application.
TeamSpeak 3 SDK licensing is customized to your project and revenue model. A no-charge, no-obligation trial license for evaluation and development/testing is available. Please email us at for more information.

All prices are net amounts in U.S. Dollars. VAT may apply.

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