TeamSpeak 3 SDK

The TeamSpeak 3 Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a complete integrated solution for any application requiring crystal clear voice and text chat.

The SDK features cross-platform support and advanced codec implementation, while allowing you complete control over your network infrastructure resulting in stability within your product and minimizing points of failure.

Why use TeamSpeak?

Our technology is proven. A leader in VoIP for over 15 years, TeamSpeak 3 is used by millions of users each day and it is among the most popular and successful voice communication tools ever created. The same core technology used to create TeamSpeak 3 is available to you with the TeamSpeak 3 SDK.

Shorten time to market. Don't spend valuable resources designing a voice solution on your own. Let us deliver to you a proven solution resulting from years of expertise and experience.

Easy to get started. The TeamSpeak 3 SDK includes extensive documentation and a ready-made client and server. We also provide numerous source code examples, allowing you to build major parts your application with a simple copy and paste.

Full control. Self-hosted solution allows around-the-clock access to your voice servers. Customize your setup to get the most out of your deployment environment and have complete administrative control.

Scalability. The TeamSpeak 3 SDK scales as your project requirements increase. Launch and shut down virtual voice servers on-demand.

Security. Includes client and server authentication based on public and private keys, plus optional server-wide or per-channel AES encryption of voice data. Alternatively, you can choose to implement your own custom authentication and encryption.

Customization. Advanced features such as 3D positional audio playback and access to raw voice data, allowing for audio filters and customization as required by your product.

Flexible, cost effective licensing program. We offer an evaluation license and kick-start consulting at no charge.

Unreal Engine and Unity support.

Contact Us for more information or to inquire about our flexible licensing options.


Consisting of the ClientLib and the ServerLib, the TeamSpeak 3 SDK is delivered as shared libraries with a C style coding interface to provide developers direct access to the flexible and feature-rich set of TeamSpeak 3's core functions using simple API calls. With a standard C interface, the TeamSpeak SDK can be easily integrated into high-level programming languages. No matter what technology your application is using, the TeamSpeak SDK will fit in.

Cross-Platform Support

TeamSpeak 3 interoperates across platforms ensuring seamless communication and collaboration for your users.

x86, x86_64
x86, x86_64
x86, x86_64
ARMv7, x86
ARMv7, ARMv7s, ARM64